Ethically Sourced

ethically sourced diamond

Where it comes from matters.

We take Social Responsibility very seriously at James O. Poag Jewellers. We are committed to selling precious metals and gemstones that have been mined and manufactured in harmony with the environment. We will not knowingly offer conflict diamonds for sale. For years, we have demanded both personal and written warranties from all of our diamond suppliers that diamonds delivered to us have been purchased through legitimate “conflict free” sources. A written warranty is required for every individual diamond shipment.

What is the Jewellery Industry Doing?

To insure that “conflict diamonds” are not entering their national markets, more than 60 countries have adopted a system to control the export and import of rough diamonds mined from January 2003 onward. Spearheaded by Jewelers of America, International Diamond Manufacturers Association, and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, this agreement is known as “The Kimberley Process”.

How Does the Kimberley Process Work?

Kimberley Process certification requires that each shipment of rough diamonds be in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a government-validated certificate. Any country declining to participate is effectively barred from the international diamond trade.

Why Not Reject All Diamonds from Africa?

Only a tiny number of the diamonds that come from Africa are used to fund conflict; the Kimberley Process says considerably less than one percent. However, the industry has a zero tolerance policy and will continue to work towards eliminating conflict diamonds entirely. Additionally, the revenues generated from diamond exporting play a significant role in helping to provide infrastructure, education, healthcare, and more to the people of Africa. Diamonds are a natural resource that overwhelmingly help Africa’s many growing nations.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is one important reason James O. Poag Jewellers offers Canadian Diamonds. To learn more about these beautiful diamonds, Click Here.