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All the Styles You'll Love

There’s so much to shop for at Poag Jewellers. Of course, we’ve got an amazing selection of fine jewellery from rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. If it’s time (pardon the pun) to purchase a watch, we’ve got you covered there too — for both men and women. But, we also have a tremendous selection of giftware when you’re looking for something that’s not jewellery. Some people say browsing our upstairs is their favourite part of their visit to Poag! If you’re searching for that little something extra then our giftware department will be right up your alley.

Coloured Fashion Jewellery

Poag Jewellers celebrates a life filled with vibrant colors, just like our fabulous coloured gemstone fashion jewelry. These gemstones are more than accessories; they're expressions of individuality.

Whether you seek to enhance your wardrobe or indulge in spontaneous luxury, coloured gemstone jewellery offers a boundless spectrum of options. Their diverse hues, from the fiery red of rubies to the tranquil blues of sapphires, tell captivating stories through colour. What truly ignites our passion is the endless creativity and uniqueness that coloured gemstones bring to each piece. Our skilled artisans harness nature's artistry to create timeless jewelry that reflects elegance and personal style. Join us in embracing a colourful, expressive life with Poag's colored gemstone fashion jewelry. Just visit our jewellery gallery. And, you can learn more about colour right here.

Something Borrowed

Red carpet celebrities never wear their own jewellery. They borrow it for the night. And now you can too. Learn more about Something Borrowed.

Our Something Borrowed Rental Jewellery Collection lets you rent the perfect, head-turning piece for any and every special occasion. Ideal for black tie events, class reunions, upscale dinner parties, your wedding day, Something Borrowed offers the perfect way to make an impression without spending a fortune. Take your time and browse our wide selection by top designers. Rental prices for one evening start as low as $150 a day.

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A great time to give - or receive!

A quality mantle, table or wall clock makes a timely gift for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or just one-of-those days. See all the functional, stylish models we have to offer for someone special – or even yourself.

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China & Gifts

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From collectible figurines and handcrafted pottery to stunning crystal and trendy flasks, we have gifts to suit every taste and budget.

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Gift Services

A great time to give - or receive!

Our friendly, helpful staff would be more than happy to assist you in finding that perfect gift for an upcoming wedding, anniversary or birthday, the birth of a baby, your wedding attendants or any event worth celebrating! We’ll happily wrap your gift for FREE!

The Case

Who doesn’t love a deal?
Introducing The Case, a place reserved in our store for items now on sale! However, if you see something you love, don’t delay. There’s normally only one available and items in The Case are usually purchased quickly! The Case features just about anything from jewellery to watches to giftware. And, The Case is constantly changing, so you’ll want to come back to see what’s ready and waiting.