Jewellery Care

Jewellery is a large investment. Time to protect it!

We know the jewellery you own is important and special. That’s why it’s so important to make the regular care and cleaning of your fine jewellery a top priority. At Poag Jewellers we hope you’ll stop by for regular cleaning and checking. But, we also have some great suggestions to care for those precious pieces.

diamond engagement ring


Diamonds are certainly durable, considering they are considered the hardest substance on earth! Diamonds can chip, so if you’re wearing your diamond engagement ring (or other pieces of diamond jewellery) every day, make sure they’re not subjected to harsh physical conditions. Everyday activities can be tough on your favourite diamonds, so it’s important to have someone like Poag examine them one to two times a year for signs of damage. Remember, prongs can wear thin and diamonds may fall out. Summer (and vacations) are times when we hear a lot about losing a diamond! When you’re swimming or around water, just remember your ring can become loose and fall off. So, it’s best to remove any fine jewellery before entering a pool, lake, or ocean. And, you should try to avoid wearing your ring in chlorinated water, since over time chlorine can damage the metal in the setting.

When you store your diamonds, keep them separated from other jewellery pieces. A fabric-lined jewellery case with individual compartments is ideal, but you can also keep them in their own pouches or wrapped in tissue paper or soft fabric.

gold jewelry


Just as it’s best to not wear jewellery when you swim, it’s important to note that chlorinated water can affect the alloys in gold, so it’s best to remove your gold jewellery before taking a dip in the pool or relaxing in a hot tub. Also, gold chains can easily tangle, so remove jewellery before sleeping for the night, and always store them on a flat surface.

pearl jewelry care


Pearls are extremely delicate. The big rule? Make sure they are the last piece of jewellery you put on and the very first piece of jewellery you take off! Perfume or hairspray can be extremely damaging to a pearl’s finish.